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22 Jul

JW Law Office is a source of applying for compensation
When it comes down to personal injury, many of us do not consider presenting it in the court of law and entirely depends on the suggestions of an insurance company. JW Law Office is a place which educates individuals on what should be the course of action in case of injury that one meets on road or while in hospital. The firm has its own medical library which briefs them about the rules of correct practice and what is ideally a correct way of working.

What is Personal Injury?

Before we begin it is better to understand the meaning of the Personal Injury. Any harm whether which is done to the body of a person due to negligence is termed as the Personal Injury and the victim should be properly compensated for the harm done. Of course, not all of us are aware of the factual references given in the medical library, it is only after consultation that we realize it was easy to get compensated and save money without claiming insurance.


Who can help us with the procedure?

Since we do not have adequate knowledge about the legal issues and whom to approach for help and suggestions, we can get in touch with lawyers of a good law firm like JW Law Office. The firm primarily handles personal injury cases and resolves any case pertaining to that. The personal injury lawyers have complete knowledge about different kinds of injuries and can give an up-to-date information on how to present the case and how much to ask for the compensation. There are few things that they take into consideration on the basis of medical library that they maintain:

  • What is the nature of injury?
  • How much damage has been done?
  • Severity of the injury sustained is determined by the age of the guilty
  • Was the person license holder in case of road accident or during a medical practice
  • What is the current nature of law pertaining to the injury

If we do not have a legal background, then it is difficult to fight a case or even present it in front of a Magistrate. There is a way and procedure which needs to be adhered if we are expecting a good judgment. For any prima facie case pertaining to personal injury more than an insurance agent, we need a good lawyer. He/ She is the person who can actually tell us whether we should call an insurance agent or the person who has harmed us.


Knowledge is power

Unless, we have the basic knowledge regarding who is the real culprit, we cannot expect anything. JW Law Office, consider all these root issues before actually fighting the case. The attorney of the law firm goes through the various aspects of the case, read and refer medical library as frequently as they can. This helps them in understanding the case in totality and makes them fully prepared. More than that, after fighting accident cases, injuries during birth or collision with truck; they are knowledgeable enough to take up a case.

The benefits

When we contact a reputable law firm as JW Law Office, we minimize the chance of getting duped and cheated in the process. They are more concerned about their reputation; hence take a personal interest in solving the case and finding a solution. In fact it is a law firm which believes no compensation, no fee. Thus, it is better to contact a firm which believes in you and fights the case as if it is the lawyer’s own case.



How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer by JW Law Office

19 Jun

When it comes to choosing a reliable injury lawyer, the JW Law Office is one of the best choices. Since choosing a professional injury lawyer is not that easy, this article provides such basic steps on how to choose a reliable one!

The main goal of the personal injury lawyers is to represent a plaintiff of someone who has been wrongfully injured and want to collect damages for their injuries. If you request a settlement, it usually covers hospital expenses, loss of income and the pain that a client has experienced after the accident. The settlement has lots of issues to cover. With that reason, you might ask yourself about how you can choose the right one!


JW Law Office

For easy choosing a good and trusted injury lawyer, below are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. You need to identify first who are the lawyers that work in the jurisdiction you were injured. Regardless if you are from out of your state, the lawyer has to practice in the state where you were injured. For example, if you were injured while visiting Los Angeles but live in Seattle, you need to contact a lawyer who practices in the Los Angeles area.
  2. You must know the statute of limitations in the state. Depending on the state you usually have 1-3 years since the time of the accident or the time the injury was discovered to file a claim
  3. Truly only a lawyer who has experience in your specific type of injury as there are lawyers who only specialize in car accidents, while others in medical malpractice and bicycle injuries
  4. Collect a list of lawyers in your area. You can Google or use Bing in order to find a list of lawyers you may be interested in to research further.
  5. Always take a look at the lawyer’s report card. If you have narrowed down your choices, the next step is to check the lawyer’s background on niche specific sites like AVVO or Martindale-Hubbell that score lawyers based on their ability and notoriety. It is also advisable to check in with the State’s Bar so you can verify the standing of the lawyer or he has not been disbarred.
  6. Ask about their fees or how much they charge their services. You can contact multiple law firms in your area and ask about the lawyer’s contingency fee. Usually, the contingency fee is the amount of the settlement your lawyer that is entitled to keep as “payment” and it is ranging between 25-35% of the settlement.
  7. Grab the chance if there is a free consultation. So you better keep and prepare all the important documents when you first meet your lawyer. Usually they ask the medical bills, proof of lost income, copies of the accident report and any notes from your doctors about your injuries.
  8. Now you can choose your attorney. With all the research that you’ve gathered and gut instinct that you have, choosing a lawyer who can give his best to represent you is now easier.

Well here are the basic steps on how to choose a lawyer. Always remember, always research and trust reliable sources so you can get the best one for you.

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Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer News – Motorcycle Accidents Causes And Prevention

16 May

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer News

There are various records of the victims of vehicle accidents that mostly involve motorcycles. If you or your loved one went through an accident caused by the negligence of other individual(s), then you or your loved one is entitled to get a sum of compensation. On the other hand, why do motorcycles have higher risk in terms of road accidents? Are there any preventive measures that you can do to avoid a motorcycle accident? Let’s get to know the answer to those questions through this Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer News.

The Usual Causes Of Motorcycle Related Accidents

There are various causes of motorcycle accidents, and some of them are the following.

  • Under The Influence Of Alcohol – one of the usual reasons why a rider faces an accident is because of drinking while on the road riding his bike. Of course, how can you concentrate or focus in driving your motorcycle if you are drunk.
  • Driving Recklessly – another factor of why a rider experiences a road accident is because of reckless driving. This includes driving too fast, as well as riding your bike carelessly.
  • Road Dangers – another cause of motorcycle accidents is the dangers that are present on the road itself. Let’s say an uncovered hole in the road for example, or a damage pavement, as well as a slippery road is also a cause of motorcycle accidents.
  • law-booksThe Left Turn Issue – this is another contributor of motorcycle accidents. If you can read a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer News, you would know that left turn commonly causes road accidents especially to motorcycles. Why is that so? It is because when you are making a left turn, the driver of the vehicle behind you might not notice the signal light of your bike which results to an accident.

The Solution Or Preventive Measures

Although accidents are unpredictable, but you can definitely have the chance to avoid this by following some preventive measures. Here are some of the things to consider if you are a rider.

  • Obey The Rules On The Road – it would be best if you can follow the road rules so you can keep away from any errors that could lead to road accidents. This means stopping at the red light, not changing lanes quickly whenever other fast moving vehicles are behind or approaching in opposite direction and so on.
  • Keep Your Focus Intact – don’t let yourself be mesmerized by the wonders of the surroundings especially if your bike is on a lane of fast moving vehicles. It’s recommended to stick your eyes on the road to see if there are open holes or other road damages that could lead you to an accident.
  • Wear Safety Gears– last but not the least is wear safety gears such as a helmet, kneepads, proper suit, long pants and so on. Like what has been said above, accidents are unpredictable and it could happen to you. That’s why it would be best to wear safety gears like what Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer News tells.

All in all, if you are a motorcycle rider and you normally use your bike for daily transport, then you better have an idea on how you can keep away from road accidents or protect yourself from these accidents.

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JW Law Office News – Causes of Accidents in Construction Sites

16 Apr


JW Law Office News

JW Law Office News

Accidents can either be mild or fatal depending on where it has happened. There are different kinds of accidents and most of the time it can get dangerous because you see those a lot in newspapers or television news. They keep feeding the public with these news that they have it already in their psyche that it is dangerous if a person is not aware of their surroundings. One of the most dangerous areas that a person should avoid is the construction site. Even if there are warnings to look out for when walking beside a construction site, it is best to find another route. But commonly the accidents happen within the construction site. These are often cited in different news blog in the internet, especially the JW law office news.

According to JW law office news, the accidents happen  due to several factors that were either left outdated or that the person in charge of overseeing the construction site overlooked such things. In case a large accident occurs at a construction site and there are a number of casualties, the incident will be investigated which most of the time leads to filing in the court. There are number of families reported to have filed cases against the company who oversee the construction site and the outcome is mostly compensation for the family.

Law office

Law office

The following below are some of the common factors that causes accidents in construction sites as cited in JW law office news.

  • Working areas that are unsafe – the injuries caused in this factor is when a construction worker falls or slips from the construction site. Light injuries are often the effect of slight falls or slips while death are effects of high slips or falls. These are caused by the unsafe working conditions in the construction site like uncovered trenches or holes or exposed rebar, among other obtrusive hazard.
  • Falling roofs – This factor is listed as the common cause of deaths with construction workers. That is why construction workers are required to wear the hard hat to protect the head from falling debris but sometimes when the roof is too huge these gadgets are useless.
  • Falling hazards – this is another causes of accidents that is commonly happening in construction sites. This can happen if a construction worker avoids an open wall but turns to step backward and fall without looking what is behind them. Stairwells without guardrails can also lead to a construction worker’s death or injuries depending on how they have fallen.  According to the news, these are commonly recorded where the worker has fallen on either their shoulders first or the head.

There are other causes cited by JW law offices but those above are those that are very common and can even affect civilians that are passing by construction sites. That is why it is always important for construction workers to check the site before they work for the day and check it again at night to ensure the safety of the workers.

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